Thursday, August 1, 2019

CAMP 2019

Mt Hutt Retreat, Mid Canterbury near Methven is the location of where we went. We also went to Mt Hutt Ski field We did Abseiling, Air rifles, Archery, Challenge course, Frisbee golf, Skiing and Top Team. Mt Hutt Retreat has 12 rooms. 6 for the boys and 6 for the girls. There was also a Kitchen, Playground, Basketball court, a Hill to run down, a Dining room, 3 Bathrooms, a Hall, a Stage, a Forest and a place in the back with a Washing line and Air rifles. Now, to the recount.

Tuesday 23rd of July.
We just arrived to Mt Hutt Retreat and we got out of the car we sat on the deck. We went in afterwards and had afternoon tea. 

Then we went into the bush for our first activity. We did a challenge course. First we had to get through a tyre without touching it. People had to lift us and get us through it.  Then we had to go to some posts and walk on them. There was someone walking and two people helping them balance. Then we went to a big wooden wall. People had to climb up it. There were people at the top to help us up. There were also people at the bottom to help lift you to the top of it. 

Then we had to do some sort of tightrope, which had things to hold on to when doing it. At the end there was one snipped off before the last one. I didn’t fall off it. 

Then there was a double tightrope with nothing to hold on to. We put one foot on each rope to go to the other side. Next we did the same thing but two people doing it. We had to pass each other on one rope with nothing to hold on to. That was all of the first activity. Then we went back inside. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Magic show(1 or 2 years late)

environment (1 or 2 years late)

We should look after the environment

In my opinion, we should look after the environment because we will not get to play our favorite games like Hop Scotch for example.

We should recycle everything even plastic (if they can).  Recycling works like this Reduce Reuse Recycle. That is how recycling works. Do not be lazy and chuck stuff everywhere because that’s rubbish. If your country is polluted put posters around town that says to recycle or you will be stuck in rubbish.

Reason 1

We should not throw stuff away because we might get stuck in rubbish. Would you like it if you were stuck in rubbish?  If you see someone chucking stuff away say,”Don’t chuck that stuff away, recycle it”. Then everyone will be happy. Then you could pass it on to other towns.

Reason 2

There will be no room to do outdoor hobbies like motorbike riding so look after our environment. Motorbikes can still cause pollution. The carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from the exhaust pipe can still cause pollution. But carbon dioxide is still good for trees. Why? Anyway if you keep the environment clean you will still be able to ride your motorbike.

We should look after our local environment, too like I will talk about my local environment for example like Kokatahi should not chuck rubbish in the Toharoa river like riparian planting is a good idea. I have writing about riparian planting. Kokatahi should not chuck rubbish in the Kokatahi river, Styx River, Kaniere river, Whites Creek, Raft Creek and Duck Creek.         

In my opinion, we should look after our beautiful earth because it is the only planet we can live on so we need to look after our natural environment. You should recycle and be able to do outdoor hobbies. Would you really pollute our planet?

306 words
The volkswagen is being driven by a giraffe while the lion is lounging on top of it. The meerkats are by trees waiting for the zebra to spy on the lazy orangutan and hoping the monster girafe dosent run him over. The Parrot is spying on the meerkats. The Bear is looking outside at the drive and hoping he dosent fall. The van is like driving and the Giraffe is about to start screaming like “AAAaaaaAaaA”. And the zebra is about to start running and hurt a bit because of the giraffe, The white fluffy polar bear is going to jump out and save the zebra with help from the parrot and meerkats. The orangutan and the lion just watches doing nothing. The giraffe slams on the brakes and stops and breaks his leg. The lion nearly fell off while the orangutan laughs. Then the Lion had to go to school and didn’t want to so then the giraffe said get in or i’ll leave without you. So he started the vehicle and sped off and ran over the lion’s leg. The lion screamed very loudly. Luckily for the Lion He didn’t have to go to school.

Monday, March 11, 2019